Decades have passed and the legacy of Onkyo endures. Over the past decade, Onkyo has expanded its core of music-oriented products to become one of the most respected names in av receivers and home theater systems.

Great sound is what we do and we’re still creating groundbreaking home theater solutions, including combining innovative solutions like THX® Certification, DIRAC HD sound, and Bluetooth® wireless capabilities to truly deliver an amazing sound experience.

Today, Gentec International serves as the Canadian distribution arm for Onkyo AV Receivers, HiFi equipment, mini-systems, smart speakers, turntables, sound bars, home theater systems, and optical disc players.

Onkyo is here for the long haul.


April 1946: Osaka, Japan – Takeshi Godai wanted to create a high-quality, Japanese-crafted loudspeaker. He founded Onkyo, which means “sound acoustics” in Japanese, to bring his vision of sound perfection to life.

A month later, Onkyo released its first product – a cartridge pickup for record players. The company took the profits from that initial offering and invested in speaker research and infrastructure to build a factory. Production would go on to begin at the new factory in January 1948. In defiance of convention, Onkyo developed an in-house production method for its own paper cones—and in so doing, formed the origin of the Onkyo sound story.