Digital Audio Player Where to Buy
The PD-S10 has 528 GB expandable memory, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and a touch GUI. Robust audiophile design supports balanced output via twin SABRE® DACs and amps. It’s an incredibly compact and versatile player for hi-fi audio on the go. Store about 5,000 Hi-Res Audio tracks, enjoy lossless streaming playback, explore internet radio with TuneIn, or enjoy Hi-Res Audio direct from Onkyo Music*. Drive most headphones and connect any stereo via line or USB/OTG*, or use Bluetooth for a quality wireless connection. Crafted for exquisite Hi-Res Audio, even MP3s sound fresh. Don’t settle for smartphone sound: this all-in-one solution will change your life. *Enabled with a firmware update.
Twin SABRE® DACs and Amplifiers
A fully balanced circuit structure employs two proven SABRE ES9018C2M DACs for the D/A conversion stage and two SABRE ESS9601K amplifiers to smoothly transmit audio signals from the DAC. This audiophile-spec design achieves clear and spatially immersive reproduction with excellent S/N performance, getting best performance from any set of headphones.

High-Current Capacitors, Rigid Structure, and Customized Parts
Hand-picked components of the finest quality are used to assure class-beating sound quality, including custom high-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors that work to double current flow compared to the legacy model, resulting in excellent power stability and a noticeable improvement in low-end response and high-frequency articulation. A triple-thickness battery shield limits interference from vibration. Reinforcement around the headphone jack and volume-control shaft have reduced resonance and enhanced a precision feel.

Universal Hi-Res Audio Playback
Unlock the breathtaking scale and clarity of Hi-Res Audio. The PD-S10 supports MQA (a streaming-optimized container), native DSD 5.6/2.8 MHz playback, and FLAC/WAV files to 192 kHz/32-bit resolution. You can download Hi-Res Audio direct from Onkyo Music*. Audiophile build and technologies such as 192 kHz/32-bit upsampling work magic on compressed and uncompressed streaming or locally stored music.
Supports Balanced Audio Playback
A 2.5 mm (3/32") 4-pole connection for balanced headphones joins a standard headphone output. Balanced audio enables the signals for L/R channels to be decoded and amplified separately by fully balanced circuitry. BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) mode delivers high 150 mW + 150 mW driving power, while an exclusive ACG (Active Control Ground) mode developed by Onkyo delivers a stunning increase in dimensionality and soundstaging.

One-Piece Aluminum Chassis
Separate audio boards and extra-thick battery case are secured in a solid one-piece aluminum chassis machined to tolerances on the micro scale. The robust and highly rigid structure wipes out vibrations that cause interference for pristine high-fidelity sound from player to headphones.

Adjust Sound to Your Taste
You have freedom to tailor sound to suit your mood, music, and headphones. Three-stage gain, 10-band equalizer with seven presets and three user presets, selectable digital filters, jitter-reduction modes, and 192 kHz/32-bit upsampling ensure you get ultimate satisfaction from every album.