Onkyo USA highlights innovative product design and advanced technology applications at CES 2018

January 9, 2018

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ, January 8, 2018 – Highlighting its expertise in developing innovative technologies that will help shape the future of audio, Onkyo USA today unveiled new details around the company’s emerging technology and evolving product line that will be on display during CES 2018 in Venetian Bassano Room #2601.

Powered by Onkyo
For the first time at CES, Onkyo is lifting the veil around its innovative applications and partnerships to showcase the company’s emerging technological might in its Powered by Onkyo section.

The new section focuses on how Onkyo sound is being applied in a wide range of industries, from household appliances to furniture and more. Among the more fascinating applications are Onkyo transducers which allow sound to travel through solid surfaces without cutaways so that functionality like voice control can be applied to a wide variety of products. Additional applications and technologies will be on display so please stop by the Onkyo booth in the Bassano Room #2601 for the latest news.

Smart Speakers
Introduced at CES 2017 and available now for $249.99, the Amazon® Alexa-enabled Smart Speaker VC-FLX1 boasts the sound pedigree befitting Onkyo’s 70-year heritage and boasts a features list that makes it more of a family concierge than a simple smart speaker. To start, the VC-FLX1 comes with a wide-angle HD video camera for video/voice calls and room monitoring. The unit also comes with sensors to detect motion, light, sound, temperature and humidity, and can automatically manage connected and preconfigured smart devices, such as smart lighting and thermostats. And because it’s powered by Alexa, it can answer questions, play music, quote a recipe, set timers, read an audio book and more.

Onkyo will also have the recently released VC-GX30 Smart Speaker “G3” ($199) with Google Assistant built-in and Chromecast built-in for voice-automated streaming; while Pioneer will feature its ELITE Smart Speaker F4 ($199) which is Amazon® Alexa-enabled and comes with DTS Play-Fi for streaming throughout the house.

Personal & Portable
Onkyo continues to astound with its digital audio players (DAPs) and the PD-S10 Digital Audio Player with Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi is no exception. Machined from a solid block of aluminium, the PD-S10’s accessible design includes a responsive touchscreen which allows owners to control the device with one-hand. The home screen features tile-based icons that can be easily arranged, while scroll bars let users quickly flick through vast amounts of music. A patent pending Index Display presents large volumes of music intuitively.

The quality of Onkyo’s PD-S10 DAP is evident in the hand-selected components such as the dual ESS SABRE® ESS9018C2M DACs and dual SABRE® ESS9601K amps, which are integrated on separate circuit boards to provide a fully balanced circuit structure. In addition to the new circuit-board design, new large-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors double power supply capacitance, reducing the impact of noise particularly around the DSP and memory processing circuits.

The design approach for structure, parts, and circuit layout are all centered on achieving lossless source reproduction so users can enjoy Hi-Res Audio in native DSD 5.6 MHz, MQA, FLAC/WAV/ALAC up to 192 kHz/32-bit.

As well as a 3.5 mm jack for standard headphones, the PD-S10 features a 2.5 mm 4-pole balanced headphone jack, and Line-Out Mode enables analog output via both 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm terminals at 100% volume. USB/OTG terminal supports digital audio output to selected compatible audio components. The PD-S10 is scheduled to ship in March for $499.

To see all the product and technology introductions from Onkyo USA, please stop by the Bassano Room #2601 during CES 2018.