LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, January 6, 2015 – Onkyo, manufacturer of high-quality home theater and Hi-Fi solutions since 1946, is presenting an impressive array of audio products at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2015. Visitors to the Gibson Brands’ tent in the Central Plaza of the Las Vegas Convention Center will experience an exciting Dolby Atmos® demo and see the complete lineup of Onkyo’s Dolby Atmos-enabled audio video receivers and speakers, as well as Hi-Fi and Hi-Resolution audio products including the new A-9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier.

Industry-Leading Dolby Atmos Lineup
Onkyo brings astonishing multidimensional sound to home theaters of all sizes as well as the latest in Ultra HD streaming and broadcast video. Onkyo’s AVR lineup on display at CES 2015 includes Sound & Vision “Top Picks” the TX-NR838 and TX-NR636 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receivers, the 9.2-Channel TX-NR1030, 11.2-Channel TX-NR3030, and flagship PR-SC5530 11.2 Channel A/V Network Controller. Also featured are the SKH-410 Dolby Atmos-enabled add-on speakers and THX®-certified HT-S9700THX home theater system.

A-9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (MSRP $349)
Onkyo adds unrivaled versatility and sound quality to its line of Hi-Fi components with the introduction of the A-9010—an integrated stereo amplifier that brings acclaimed WRAT power to an unmatched price point. The A-9010 effortlessly delivers up to 44 W/Ch of high-current power, includes two digital inputs and a high-quality Wolfson® WM8718 digital-to-analog converter. Supporting audio signal resolution up to 192 kHz/24-bit, the A-9010 opens the door to Hi-Res audio as well as HiFi with a quality MM phono equalizer, phono inputs, and grounding terminal for a turntable connection. When an analog signal is detected among its five analog inputs, the receiver automatically shuts down all digital circuitry to prevent interference, ensuring that LPs (as well as signals output by a CD player featuring a good quality DAC) are reproduced with purity and depth.

A Heritage of Hi-Fi
Aimed at music lovers looking to discover—or rediscover—the magic of analog sound shines with the recently announced D-77NE loudpseakers and CP-1050 turntable. The CP-1050 features a super-smooth low-torque direct-drive motor, thick, vibration-damping MDF and a quartz-lock controlled 12” platter is die-cast aluminum for smooth, precise, and stable rotation. Meanwhile, the striking D-77NEs offer music lovers full-sized speakers capable of capturing the dynamics, scale, and detail contained in pure analog, 24-bit PCM, and DSD formats through a Three-Way driver system, refined crossover network and handmade solid MDF speaker enclosures.

Hi-Res Goes Portable
Onkyo is a leading proponent of Hi-Resolution audio, opening listeners’ ears to studio master-quality audio at home and now, on the go. Onkyo’s HF Player app for iOS and Android devices allows users enjoy hi-res playback through the DAC-HA200 or new DAC-HA300 portable digital-to-analog converters.

For more information about Onkyo’s complete line of products on display at CES 2015, please stop by the Gibson Brands tent in the Central Plaza.

About Onkyo
Since 1946, Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio products that deliver uncommon performance, quality, and value. Bundling proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing exclusives, Onkyo continues to create award-winning products that are lauded by industry-leading publications. The company’s philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. The results can be seen in the obvious quality of any Onkyo-manufactured product, even before it’s turned on.

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