Onkyo announces two new home theater systems: HT-S7800 5.1.2 Channel Network Home Theater System and the HT-S3800 5.1 Channel Home Theater System. The HT-S7800 is designed for those looking to step-up their current home theater system with object-based surround sound and advanced network features, while the HT-S3800 is geared toward the entry-level consumers. Both systems will be available in May.

HT-S7800 5.1.2 Channel Network Home Theater System (MSRP $999)

Combining object-based audio and wireless entertainment in an intuitive home theater package is Onkyo’s new HT-S7800. A state-of-the-art UltraHD-ready package, the HT-S7800 has Dolby Atmos™ support and is DTS:X™-ready, and is powered by discrete non-phase amps delivering 170W/ch, a 384 kHz/32-bit high-grade DAC, and VLSC™ noise-free processing, which combine to clarify the audio image and reproduce the energy and vibrancy of the original recording.

Leading with next-generation video as well as audio, the receiver passes 4K/60 Hz video with High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4:4:4 color space, and BT.2020 to the latest television displays, offers 4k up-scaling from 1080p and up-converts analog sources via a single HDMI cable. Eight HDMI® inputs and 2 outputs offer plenty of connection options.

The receiver has native support for online services including Spotify and TIDAL, and Dynamic Audio Amplification makes stereo listening a satisfying experience, whether spinning a favorite LP or streaming audio via Google Cast,™ Wi-Fi, AirPlay, or Bluetooth.

Any source, whether it’s analog audio, TV sound via HDMI®, or streaming audio, can be mirrored on compatible wireless speakers via FireConnect™ technology by Blackfire Research. Dedicated Zone 2 DAC (for Network and digital sources) and speaker outputs allow multi-room playback of different sources at the same time.

Completing the package are high-fidelity speakers that reflect Onkyo’s 70 years of experience. Front and center two-way speakers include pairs of Onkyo Micro Fiber (OMF) aramid-laminated woofers for accurate sound. A powered 120W subwoofer lets the receiver focus its power on the front, height, and center channels for effortlessly dynamic performance.

HT-S3800 Home Theater System (MSRP $499)

Consumers looking for an entry model home theater solution should look no further than the HT-S3800. A compact and affordable system, the new HT-S3800 serves up thrilling full-scale surround-sound while reducing TV cable clutter to a single wire.

The heart of the unit is its robust 5.1-channel HT-R395 receiver that features authentic 100 W/ch analog amplifiers with discrete output circuitry. The receiver includes four HDMI® inputs and two composite inputs to route video from your 4K streamer, Blu-ray player, consoles, and legacy gaming devices to the TV through a single cable.

Supporting 4K/60 Hz, 4:4:4 color space, HDR, BT.2020, and HDCP 2.2 copy protection, the receiver is ready for future developments in TV display technology.

Bluetooth is also included to stream audio from practically any smartphone or laptop app to the home theater, while the well-made micro-speakers are solid and ensure quality sound – especially with the reproduction of lossless multichannel formats such as DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby® TrueHD. Deep bass notes and in-game explosions are felt as well as heard thanks to the powerful 100W subwoofer.

Other advantages over popular soundbar solutions include authentic stereo imaging performance with front L/R tone controls, two pairs of digital and analog audio inputs, FM/AM tuner, and a full-sized simple remote controller.

Both units feature Onkyo’s AccuEQ calibration suite with the HT-S7800 adding AccuReflex phase-adjustment technology, a new feature that ensures that the overhead sonic dimension from the up-firing front speakers are properly calibrated.

The HT-S7800 and HT-S3800 will be available in May. For more information about Onkyo’s complete line of products, please go to onkyousa.com.

About Onkyo

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☆Support for DTS:X™, Google Cast™, Tidal™ and FireConnect™ will be enabled on these receivers following firmware updates currently scheduled for summer 2016. FireConnect™ is a technology developed by Blackfire Research. Multi-room audio enabled by this technology requires an optional Onkyo wireless speaker scheduled for release in summer 2016. Onkyo cannot guarantee the compatibility of its A/V receivers with other devices featuring FireConnect™. Please consult the Onkyo website for further announcements regarding these technologies.