Transform your TV experience with dramatic imaging—incredible brightness contrast and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes, thanks to Dolby Vision and Onkyo.

There's More to the Story with Dolby Vision

  • Astonishing Brightness

  • Your picture blazes from the screen up to 40 times more brightly than on today's standard TVs.

  • Deeper Darks

  • Dolby Vision™ provides a new level of richness and precision that makes every scene look more real and nuanced.

  • Expanded Contrast

  • By using a much wider range of brights to darks, Dolby Vision more closely captures the look of the real world.

  • Ultravivid Colors

  • Dolby Vision unlocks many more hues across the full brightness range—some never before seen on standard televisions.

  • Refined Detail

  • Your display reveals the nuanced textures and patterns of our world through the precise use of expanded color and contrast ranges.

  • Enhanced Dimensionality

  • The TV screen shows you more lifelike forms, with realistic shadows and crisp edges that impart a subtle but convincing three-dimensional feel.